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Metabolite DrugBank IDDrug NameEffect biospecimenP-ValueReference
DB01216 FinasterideDecreaseBlood details
DB00334 OlanzapineIncreaseBlood details
DB01076 AtorvastatinIncreaseBlood details
DB09064 CiprofibrateDecreaseBlood details
DB01039 FenofibrateDecreaseBlood details
DB01241 GemfibrozilDecreaseBlood details
DB04855 DronedaroneIncreaseBlood details
DB01128 BicalutamideIncreaseBlood details
DB01609 DeferasiroxIncreaseBlood details
DB00035 DesmopressinDecreaseBlood details
DB09045 DulaglutideDecreaseBlood details
DB00720 ClodronateDecreaseBlood details
DB00625 EfavirenzIncreaseBlood details
DB00625 EfavirenzIncreaseBlood details
DB00437 AllopurinolDecreaseBlood details
DB01261 SitagliptinDecreaseBlood details
DB01200 BromocriptineDecreaseBlood details
DB00440 TrimethoprimIncreaseBlood details
DB01413 CefepimeIncreaseBlood details
DB01407 ClenbuterolIncreaseBlood details
Ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel combinationDecreaseBlood details
DB01393 BezafibrateIncreaseBlood details
DB00503 RitonavirIncreaseBlood details
DB00112 BevacizumabIncreaseBlood details
DB00641 SimvastatinIncreaseBlood details
Displaying entries 2351 - 2375 of 2497 in total