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Metabolite DrugBank IDDrug NameEffect biospecimenP-ValueReference
DB00248 CabergolineDecreaseBlood details
DB01067 GlipizideDecreaseBlood details
DB01393 BezafibrateDecreaseBlood details
DB00999 HydrochlorothiazideDecreaseBlood details
DB06262 DroxidopaIncreaseBlood details
DB00169 CholecalciferolIncreaseBlood details
DB08930 DolutegravirIncreaseBlood details
DB00649 StavudineIncreaseBlood details
DB00162 Vitamin AIncreaseBlood details
DB00618 DemeclocyclineIncreaseBlood details
DB06663 PasireotideIncreaseBlood details
DB08907 CanagliflozinDecreaseBlood details
DB00790 PerindoprilDecreaseBlood details
DB00649 StavudineIncreaseBlood details
DB00335 AtenololIncreaseBlood details
DB00331 MetforminDecreaseBlood details
DB00990 ExemestaneDecreaseBlood details
DB06292 DapagliflozinDecreaseBlood details
DB00104 OctreotideIncreaseBlood details
DB01276 ExenatideDecreaseBlood details
DB06655 LiraglutideDecreaseBlood details
DB09038 EmpagliflozinDecreaseBlood details
DB00668 EpinephrineIncreaseBlood details
DB01278 PramlintideDecreaseBlood details
DB06292 DapagliflozinDecreaseBlood details
Displaying entries 2401 - 2425 of 2497 in total