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HMDB Protein ID HMDBP11608
Secondary Accession Numbers None
Name GDP-Man:Man(3)GlcNAc(2)-PP-Dol alpha-1,2-mannosyltransferase
  1. Asparagine-linked glycosylation protein 11 homolog
  2. Glycolipid 2-alpha-mannosyltransferase
Gene Name ALG11
Protein Type Unknown
Biological Properties
General Function Not Available
Specific Function Mannosyltransferase involved in the last steps of the synthesis of Man5GlcNAc(2)-PP-dolichol core oligosaccharide on the cytoplasmic face of the endoplasmic reticulum. Catalyzes the addition of the 4th and 5th mannose residues to the dolichol-linked oligosaccharide chain.
  • N-Glycan biosynthesis
Guanosine diphosphate mannose + D-Man-alpha-(1->3)-(D-Man-alpha-(1->6))-D-Man-beta-(1->4)-D-GlcNAc-beta-(1->4)-D-GlcNAc-diphosphodolichol → Guanosine diphosphate + D-Man-alpha-(1->2)-D-Man-alpha-(1->2)-D-Man-alpha-(1->3)-(D-Man-alpha-(1->6))-D-Man-beta-(1->4)-D-GlcNAc-beta-(1->4)-D-GlcNAc-diphosphodolichol details
+ GDP-D-mannose → + GDP details
+ GDP-D-mannose → + GDP details
GO Classification
Biological Process
dolichol-linked oligosaccharide biosynthetic process
post-translational protein modification
protein N-linked glycosylation via asparagine
Cellular Component
endoplasmic reticulum membrane
integral to membrane
Molecular Function
GDP-Man:Man3GlcNAc2-PP-Dol alpha-1,2-mannosyltransferase activity
Cellular Location Not Available
Gene Properties
Chromosome Location 13
Locus 13q14.2
SNPs Not Available
Gene Sequence Not Available
Protein Properties
Number of Residues Not Available
Molecular Weight 55650.595
Theoretical pI 8.489
Pfam Domain Function Not Available
Signals Not Available
Transmembrane Regions Not Available
Protein Sequence
>>gi|304434672|ref|NP_001004127.2| GDP-Man:Man(3)GlcNAc(2)-PP-Dol alpha-1,2-mannosyltransferase [Homo sapiens]
GenBank ID Protein Not Available
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot ID Q2TAA5
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Entry Name Not Available
PDB IDs Not Available
GenBank Gene ID Not Available
GeneCard ID Not Available
GenAtlas ID Not Available
General References Not Available