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HMDB Protein ID HMDBP11714
Secondary Accession Numbers None
Name Dolichol-phosphate mannosyltransferase subunit 3
  1. DPM synthase complex subunit 3
  2. Dolichol-phosphate mannose synthase subunit 3
  3. Dolichyl-phosphate beta-D-mannosyltransferase subunit 3
  4. Mannose-P-dolichol synthase subunit 3
  5. Prostin-1
  6. MPD synthase subunit 3
Gene Name DPM3
Protein Type Unknown
Biological Properties
General Function Not Available
Specific Function Stabilizer subunit of the dolichol-phosphate-mannose synthase complex.
  • N-Glycan biosynthesis
Guanosine diphosphate mannose + Dolichol-20 → Guanosine diphosphate + Dolichyl phosphate D-mannose details
GO Classification
Biological Process
GPI anchor biosynthetic process
dolichol-linked oligosaccharide biosynthetic process
protein N-linked glycosylation via asparagine
C-terminal protein lipidation
protein O-linked mannosylation
regulation of protein stability
protein C-linked glycosylation via 2'-alpha-mannosyl-L-tryptophan
Cellular Component
integral to endoplasmic reticulum membrane
dolichol-phosphate-mannose synthase complex
Cellular Location Not Available
Gene Properties
Chromosome Location Not Available
Locus Not Available
SNPs Not Available
Gene Sequence Not Available
Protein Properties
Number of Residues Not Available
Molecular Weight Not Available
Theoretical pI Not Available
Pfam Domain Function Not Available
Signals Not Available
Transmembrane Regions Not Available
Protein Sequence Not Available
GenBank ID Protein Not Available
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot ID Q9P2X0
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Entry Name Not Available
PDB IDs Not Available
GenBank Gene ID Not Available
GeneCard ID Not Available
GenAtlas ID Not Available
General References Not Available