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HMDB Protein ID HMDBP14454
Secondary Accession Numbers None
Name Caspase-1
  1. CASP-1
  2. Interleukin-1 beta convertase
  3. Interleukin-1 beta-converting enzyme
  4. p45
  5. IL-1BC
  6. ICE
  7. IL-1 beta-converting enzyme
Gene Name CASP1
Protein Type Unknown
Biological Properties
General Function Not Available
Specific Function Thiol protease involved in a variety of inflammatory processes by proteolytically cleaving other proteins, such as the precursors of the inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1 beta (IL1B) and interleukin 18 (IL18) as well as the pyroptosis inducer Gasdermin-D (GSDMD), into active mature peptides (PubMed:21147462, PubMed:32109412). Plays a key role in cell immunity as an inflammatory response initiator: once activated through formation of an inflammasome complex, it initiates a proinflammatory response through the cleavage of the two inflammatory cytokines IL1B and IL18, releasing the mature cytokines which are involved in a variety of inflammatory processes (PubMed:21147462). Cleaves a tetrapeptide after an Asp residue at position P1 (PubMed:21147462). Also initiates pyroptosis, a programmed lytic cell death pathway, through cleavage of GSDMD (PubMed:32109412). In contrast to cleavage of interleukins IL1B and IL1B, recognition and cleavage of GSDMD is not strictly dependent on the consensus cleavage site but depends on an exosite interface on CASP1 that recognizes and binds the Gasdermin-D, C-terminal (GSDMD-CT) part (PubMed:32109412). Upon inflammasome activation, during DNA virus infection but not RNA virus challenge, controls antiviral immunity through the cleavage of CGAS, rendering it inactive (PubMed:28314590). In apoptotic cells, cleaves SPHK2 which is released from cells and remains enzymatically active extracellularly (By similarity).
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • C-type lectin receptor signaling pathway
  • Coronavirus disease - COVID-19
  • Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway
  • Influenza A
  • Legionellosis
  • Lipid and atherosclerosis
  • Necroptosis
  • Neutrophil extracellular trap formation
  • NOD-like receptor signaling pathway
  • Pertussis
  • Salmonella infection
  • Yersinia infection
Reactions Not Available
GO Classification
Biological Process
regulation of inflammatory response
positive regulation of apoptotic process
protein autoprocessing
response to bacterium
response to lipopolysaccharide
response to ATP
positive regulation of cytokine production
regulation of autophagy
cellular response to organic substance
response to drug
toxin transport
positive regulation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic process
cellular response to lipopolysaccharide
cytokine precursor processing
membrane hyperpolarization
mitochondrial depolarization
positive regulation of interleukin-1 alpha production
positive regulation of tumor necrosis factor-mediated signaling pathway
programmed necrotic cell death
signaling receptor ligand precursor processing
execution phase of apoptosis
positive regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB cascade
myoblast fusion
positive regulation of circadian sleep/wake cycle, non-REM sleep
cellular response to mechanical stimulus
response to organic cyclic compound
microglial cell activation
positive regulation of interleukin-1 beta production
protein processing
response to hypoxia
cellular response to interferon-gamma
Cellular Component
protein-containing complex
NLRP1 inflammasome complex
plasma membrane
AIM2 inflammasome complex
IPAF inflammasome complex
NLRP3 inflammasome complex
extracellular region
protease inhibitor complex
neuron projection
Molecular Function
endopeptidase activity
CARD domain binding
peptidase activity
cysteine-type endopeptidase activity
scaffold protein binding
kinase binding
cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic signaling pathway
identical protein binding
Cellular Location Not Available
Gene Properties
Chromosome Location Not Available
Locus Not Available
SNPs Not Available
Gene Sequence Not Available
Protein Properties
Number of Residues 402
Molecular Weight 45640.025
Theoretical pI 6.04
Pfam Domain Function
Signals Not Available
Transmembrane Regions Not Available
Protein Sequence Not Available
GenBank ID Protein Not Available
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot ID P29452
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Entry Name CASP1_MOUSE
PDB IDs Not Available
GenBank Gene ID Not Available
GeneCard ID Not Available
GenAtlas ID Not Available
HGNC ID Not Available
General References
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