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Spectrum Details
Compound Name:Valencene
Derivative IUPAC Name:Not Available
Derivative SMILES:Not Available
Derivative InChIKey:Not Available
Spectrum Type:GC-MS Spectrum - Valencene GC-EI-Q (Non-derivatized)
Splash Key:splash10-06r6-6900000000-6056307d54773f6a82a7 View in MoNA
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Experimental Conditions
Instrument Type:GC-EI-Q
Ionization Mode:Positive
Chromatography Type:GC
Retention Index:1497.83454
Retention Time:2040.12
Column Type:HP-5 MS (30 m × 250 µm × 0.25 µm), Agilent
Collected by Yilin Wang May 2020 for CannabisDB, instrument= Agilent 7890B GC, Agilent 5977A MSD
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