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Metabolite BMIEffect biospecimenP-ValueReference
IncreaseBlood8.53e-06 details
IncreaseBlood1.22e-05 details
IncreaseBlood2.76e-05 details
IncreaseBlood0.0001 details
DecreaseBlood9.18e-08 details
DecreaseBlood2.53e-11 details
IncreaseBlood2.63e-32 details
IncreaseBlood3.17e-34 details
IncreaseBlood2.9e-25 details
IncreaseBlood2.79e-22 details
IncreaseBlood5.71e-25 details
IncreaseBlood8.81e-20 details
IncreaseBlood2.03e-18 details
IncreaseBlood3.34e-19 details
IncreaseBlood2.06e-16 details
IncreaseBlood4.69e-14 details
IncreaseBlood2.05e-11 details
IncreaseBlood6.34e-11 details
IncreaseBlood1.25e-11 details
IncreaseBlood1.25e-11 details
IncreaseBlood5.15e-10 details
IncreaseBlood2.91e-11 details
IncreaseBlood1.43e-08 details
IncreaseBlood1.57e-07 details
IncreaseBlood3.3e-06 details
Displaying entries 26 - 50 of 294 in total